Sunday, September 11, 2011


The newest addition to our front porch. The boys kept saying how beautiful our flag is. I agree.

The first week of school- Check!I made the boys colorful panny-cakes this morning. I simply used food coloring and poured the batter into a plastic bottle intended for ketchup and mustard from the Container Store. Presto! Like magic, I'm an artist and the skillet is my canvas. Yes, I've always been "that" kind of Mommy- and always will be! I even made a few snakes which were fun to gobble up!

Halloween Costumes discussed and ordered with the boys- Check. That's right!! Bring on Fall! Last year, both really wanted to be sharks...but, I started too late in the game (and Auntie Kelly aka, the costume designer was very busy). With the leaves changing colors and bringing to fall, there are a plethora of traditions our family takes part in...However, we DID already visit an apple orchard, but one never needs an excuse to visit again! Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving...Pumpkin Spice and Apple Everything!
Like most people, the week leading up to 9-11 is a difficult week filled with many emotions. I feel like I've cried on and off all week. So, in honor of those that received their wings 10 years ago, as well as those on earth that now have special guardian angels, including those angels on earth... I have decided to shift gears. To simply write about our week. No, we will never forget...and as a nation, we never should. I am not about to tell someone how they should or shouldn't deal with the anniversary of the day- this is just my personal way of getting through this day.


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