Feast Your Eyes.

Taken with the simpliest of cameras, one of my faves of my gues- on Cocoa Beach

One of my favorite belly dancers- Might I add, she is in her 50's.

I took this pic of "our baby" when he was 3 months old...I can not believe he is 3 years old now. Time flies!

7/17: Duluth, Minnesota lift bridge.

7/16: Tiger and I would never have the heart to say this was a weed. To us, it will always remain a flower.

One thing I never have put down through the years was my camera. The majority of the pictures that are framed in my house are from places I've been to and things that catch my eye. My favorite artwork, hands down...my boys. Many of the photographs in my house are from a simple 35mm, and Kodak easy-share as I didn't have a Nikon until about 4 years ago. I did take a few photography classes in high school, but it was always put on the back-burner because of my dedication to dance and theatre. Luckily, being a dance teacher and having a lot of friends that are actors and models, it was easy for me to find a willing subject or two to practice on.