Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm still stuck in a moment.
Weeks after U2360MSP has packed up (the "Claw" is even for sale now), I find myself with a gitty smile as I hum a tune in my head and dance to a rhythm that no one else can hear. I've wanted to share my thoughts about the concert, but with the move, I just haven't had time... so I've filed my thoughts tucked in a pocket of my heart.

Then I came across a blog by the Marketing Momma. You'll find a great blog entry about 6 ways technology enhanced her concert experience, including with a link were you can tag yourself on the U2 FanCam. She also featured on of my favorite U2 songs, "Stuck in a Moment." I found myself dropping everything- the laundry, the dishes, the boxes waiting to be taped up and moved to the new house- and smiling, huming and as if it were just yesterday, feeling the rush of the moment when the band played it's first tune.

Well worth the year wait, this was my third U2 concert and by far the best concert I've ever attended. It is also the latest this Mama has been out since I've had kids. You can see my friend MaryBeth and I rock our hearts out here (Ashish's buddy Saiful and his date were with us too!):

Those that know me, fully know I am not a star-struck kinda gal. However, Bono is one person that leaves me...well, speechless (I know, I know-- not an easy task for me!). Honestly, I am a little bit in awe of the rocker on a mission with a cause. Unlike others that are more ga-ga over his appearance, the draw I find is his dedication not only to rock but to educate, advocate and help make the world a better place. When I think of all the history lessons and current events I learned about in my teens-- it wasn't from my classes at was from Bono. Whether a monologue at a show, a video or song, there were many times when his music piqued my curiosity to learn more. Yes, in many ways Bono taught me how to *want* to throw my arms around the world.

Special thanks to my hubster for getting me the tixs for my birthday last year and watching our two babies solo. Ashish, there is only one man that leaves me star-struck, speechless and breathless; YOU! xo


  1. Well,
    As I said before, I saw the show too, well sort of. I was on my bicycle in the Stadium parking lot where they were playing and got to listen most of the show. Not as great as being in the stadium, but it was free and the music still sounded good. Glad you enjoyed the experience so much. And come are just mesmerized by Bono's fashion eyewear, admit it!!!

  2. @McFrownie- You got me! :) One of the great things about an outdoor stadium is that you can enjoy the music for blocks and blocks-- minus the fee of a ticket. That's a whole lot of cheese curds for your pleasure while hanging in the parking lot!